Tuesday, December 22, 2015


Singapore Chess Meetup Organiser Mr Bradley Loh has graciously volunteered to conduct a 45min lecture each month on a World Champion and his life/1 game. This is suited for post-beginners and young players aged 8 and above.

We start the first in the series with Paul Morphy - the first American chess champion before Bobby Fischer.

The Lecture shall be on February 12 2016 at 8pm and will last 45minutes. The room can sit no more than 16, so please email me at johnwongfk63@gmail.com to book your seats. Members only please

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


2015 is drawing to a close. We are forming plans to make Thomson Chess Club even more vibrant. Here's some of the plans:


I propose the following changes to the Club Championship as a testbed for more of such activities to be organised at the National level if we succeed.

1  Rapid with increment

    The time control of 25 minutes will be adjusted to 22 minutes with 5 second increment. For a game of average 50 moves, that takes 26 minutes approximating the usual 25 0. This will be a 7 round event starting 9am. 

2  New Veterans Section

    This category is introduced to allow older players who have not been playing to come out of "retirement" against fellow adults aged 40 and above. With more practice they should be able to hold their own against the younger players.


The new league will start 1st Friday of January 2016. This will commence on 745pm sharp with no zero start. The time control is 1 hr per side with no increment. Our aim is to provide opportunities for slower games to be played and enjoyed. This league will continue till end March. Players may be paired based on who is present, those who have played each other will alternate colours. Scores will be accumulated and the player with the highest score at the end of the league will get a prize. 


We are arranging a simultaneous match 15 January 7.30pm. On this day there will not be the league, all players are encouraged to take part in the Simul. IM Tin JingYao has agreed to be the Master for this.

Please email me at johnwongfk63@gmail.com with the heading "Simul" if you wish to play. Places on first-come-first-served basis. Members only are entitled to play of course subject to availability. No more than 20 players and no additions after early exits. Players rated 2000 and under only please.


The Fiesta will continue on May 28-29. We are retaining the time control of 25 min with 5 sec increment for the Cup Rapid. The Challengers will still be 25 0.

Other forms like Blitz and Rapid (<25min per side) will still continue. No transfer chess or laser chess at the club please. There is something for everyone at the Club if you are here to play. Those wanting to join the Club please register early by signing up as members of the club come January 2016. Please indicate if you are taking part in the Club Championship on the form which will be out at the Thomson CC from 3 January 2016. 

Happy 2016!