Thursday, December 29, 2016


Join as a member this year and you are automatically in the starting list for the Thomson Club Championship 2017 happening February 19 Sunday at the Thomson CC Hall.

To join, if you are aged 13 and above the fees are $18 a year. You need to own a PAssioncard membership ($12 for 5 years). Therefore you need only to renew your Club membership for 2017. Your name then appears in the Seniors section for the Club Championship.

If you are aged 12 and under (by birth year), the fees are $10 a year plus a valid PAssioncard membership. Once you are a member, your name appears in the Junior Section for the Club Championship.

The starting list shall be published 2 days before the event.

You can sign up starting 6th January onwards and closing date is 17th February 2017.

Sunday, November 27, 2016


The 6th World Champion, Mikhail Moiseevich Botvinnik, lived through 2 World Wars and got to the Chess Olympus via a Candidates tournament staged in 1948 after the death of the 5th World Champion Alekhine in 1946. He won the tournament with 14/20. Ironically, he was the only World Champion never to have won a World Championship match, but was reinstated twice via rematches! He lost to Vasily Smyslov in 1957 and regained it the following year,  then to Tal in 1960 and regained it in 1961. As for the Bronstein match in 1951, he did not win the match but drew and kept his title. 

Botvinnik was the pioneer in chess preparation which involved deep study of the opening all through to the endgame. He was a specialist in the lines he played and had good ideas that span right until the endgame. Strangely, Petrosian his conqueror adopted the same approach and won a game in their match via deep analysis of an opening line in the Grunfeld which gave White a lasting plus. 

This approach to chess influenced his later pupils Kasparov and Karpov so their 3 matches in World Champion history became models of opening preparation. 

Come on down Dec 30th to Thomson Chess Club with FT Bradley for the last lecture in 2016 and learn more about the achievements of the great Botvinnik! I am sure it will change the way you'd look at the game.

Monday, October 24, 2016


Max Euwe 1963.jpg

We resume the activities of the Thomson Chess Club with a lecture by Bradley Loh on the 5th World Champion Machcgielis "Max" Euwe . Max Euwe was Dutch and a mathematician who was also strong in chess. He won the title from a poor-form Alexander Alekhine in 1935 in Holland. He was generous to allow a rematch, which Alekhine told full advantage of and prepared thoroughly. The 1937 match ended in a victory for the Russian and thus ended the World Championship reign of Max.  He was nvited to the 1948 Tournament for selecting the World Champion after Alekhine passed on in 1946, but was unable to stop Mikhail Botvinnik to the crown.

Please reserve your seats by replying to , priority goes to members of Thomson Chess Club.

Friday, July 22, 2016


Tonight the topic was Alekhine..the 4th World Champion whose speciality was his multifaceted plans often confused his opponents.

Apart from imaginative combinations, Alekhine placed great importance in preparing innovations in the opening. Many systems with gambit possibilities were uncovered in his games, setting the pace for successors like Garry Kasparov.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


July's lecture by Bradley covers the 4th World Champion, Alexander Alekhine.

Alekhine's fame rests on his ability to produce deep combinations when one least expects, based on his choice of moves which often masks his plans. His legacy to the chess world is best depicted in his collection of games which is available as Alekhine's Best Games below:

All players who are tactical and wish to go into 1 d4 from 1 e4 will do well to study his games.

July 22nd 8pm. Seats are limited to members only. Please message me for reservations.


This has been covered here

Sunday, June 5, 2016


Calling all Thomson Chess Club members  rated 1400 and above..

We are playing a 11 board match against BullDogs Team and would like to gather as many as possible. Naturally we would want to field a decently strong team to match their average rating of 1600.

Please email me soonest at