Thursday, April 27, 2017


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Payment for the event can only be done via cash (paid over the Thomson CC counter ) or cheque mailed together with the entry form.

No online registration or bank transfer accepted.


The 8th World Champion Mikhail Nekhemevich Tal took the crown from Mikhail Botvinnik in 1960 after winning the 1959 Candidates Tournament in Zagreb. Known for his quick speculative sacrifices in his games, Tal is often feared as the great attacker which can inflict great complications from his moves, forcing his opponent to find the correct moves to continue within the time control of 2.5 hrs over 40 moves.

Though he reigned for just 1 year before losing the return match to Botvinnik, he continues to participate in tournaments and toning down his risky attacks to play a more universal game.

I had watched him in action in 1989 playing blitz in aid of the Armenian earthquake victims that year. Cool and calculated, he exemplified the perfect traits of a blitz player - using his entire time regardless of his opponent's strength. Should he trail on time and material he would immediately resign.

Do come early on May 26 to witness some of his best moves explained by FT Bradley Loh. We start 8pm sharp.


The Club shall be closed from 1-18 May and resume sessions from 19 May.

Please take note.

Monday, January 30, 2017


Vasily Vasilyevich Smyslov ruled as the 7th World Champion from 1957-58 after wresting the title from Mikhail Botvinnik.


His style is basically positional with emphasis on the harmonious development and placement of his pieces. His games are often spectacular gems of strategy and often quoted in many texts. A great master of the endgame, he is most credited with his book with Levenfish on Rook Endgames which is a standard text for anyone on the topic. 

I am a fan of his play generally in imbalanced positions where material is traded for initiative. So looking forward to Bradley's lecture which takes place on Feb 10 Friday 8pm  at the Club. You will definitely have a great time trying to guess some of Smyslov's plans in the middlegame and endgame! 

Another reason for joining other than the free tournament entry! 

See you then

Monday, January 23, 2017


1.      The tournament is organized by the Thomson CCMC and the games shall be played according to the FIDE Laws of Chess for Rapid Chess. Players may choose to play in the SENIORS (no age limit), or  JUNIORS (Aged 12 and below) section.

2.      ELIGIBILITY : This tournament is open to members only. Players joining as members of the Chess Club and are entitled 1 year membership with immediate effect ending 31st December 2017.

3.      VENUE : Thomson Community Club Hall, 194 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574339

4.      PAIRING : Swiss System of  7 Rounds,  time control  15 minutes with 10 second increment each side to finish. Pairings for Round 1 will be generated 5 minutes before start. No starting list shall be generated before the event.

5.      SCHEDULE: 19th February  Sunday 10.00 am to 5.50 pm . Please report  by  9.30am. Walkover time for Round 1 is  15 minutes. 

7.    PRIZES : A minimum of 5 prizes shall be given for each section. Tie breaks will resolve the placing of each prize winner. Merit prizes may be added if number of entries exceed 60. Prizes are in the form of new and used chess books.

  1. ENTRY FEE  : Membership fee upon signup as Chess Club member at Thomson CC at 194 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574339. Membership is complete only if you possess a valid PAssion Ezlink Card. PAssion Ezlink Card membership: for those aged 18 to 59  is at $12 for 5 years. Those aged below 18 or are 60 and  above pay  $10 for 5 years membership. The Club membership for those aged 12 and below (by birth year) is $10 a year and $18 for all others.

8.      CLOSING DATE: There will be a limit of 120  first-paid membership received. All players are to be register their membership by   February 15th  Wednesday  10pm

9.      TIE BREAK :  The System of Tie Break shall be announced before the start of the Tournament. The Tournament Director’s decision on matters on the tournament shall be FINAL.

  1. The Organising Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry without assigning a reason. Rejected entries shall be fully refunded.

For drivers, free parking is available Sunday  at Shunfu Blk 309-314 at the back of the CC. Enter via Shunfu Road along Marymount Road.