Thursday, April 27, 2017


The 8th World Champion Mikhail Nekhemevich Tal took the crown from Mikhail Botvinnik in 1960 after winning the 1959 Candidates Tournament in Zagreb. Known for his quick speculative sacrifices in his games, Tal is often feared as the great attacker which can inflict great complications from his moves, forcing his opponent to find the correct moves to continue within the time control of 2.5 hrs over 40 moves.

Though he reigned for just 1 year before losing the return match to Botvinnik, he continues to participate in tournaments and toning down his risky attacks to play a more universal game.

I had watched him in action in 1989 playing blitz in aid of the Armenian earthquake victims that year. Cool and calculated, he exemplified the perfect traits of a blitz player - using his entire time regardless of his opponent's strength. Should he trail on time and material he would immediately resign.

Do come early on May 26 to witness some of his best moves explained by FT Bradley Loh. We start 8pm sharp.

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