Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy 2015 to all chessplayers! This is the new Thomson Chess Club blog site and all news and results regarding the Club activities shall now be posted here.

Tonight is our first session for 2015 and this is our 10th anniversary this year. How time flies! So we will be doing a couple more events in 2015 to commemorate the Club's founding and the first shall be the Thomson Club Championship. All you need to do to play in this is SIGN UP as a member. No entry fees. Plus you get to win some prizes ( I have a sponsor ready) so for this year prize winners get NEW books rather than used ones. 

We hope all who are interested in playing chess over the board can come and see for themselves the conditions they can play chess in, We will try to maintain a decent volume this year so no complaints of noise should arise. 

THE CLUB SHALL BE CLOSED IN MAY AND OCTOBER for there will be poor attendance expected due to the exam period, unless there is enough interest amongst the adults to come and play.

Thomson Chess Club is located on 194 Upper Thomson Road, Thomson Community Club 3rd floor. It's the classroom just ahead of the lift entrance. Parking is available at Shunfu Block 309-312 carpark and you can cross the linkbridge to the CC. We start 730pm and end 10pm Fridays.

See you soon !

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